Standard wood chips production is made of whole logs (firewood), and these are not accepted as paper wood or saw logs. This is a combination of grand tree limbs, pallets. Different description of wood chips mainly depending on the size of the particles. The standard wood chips in Europe is EN 14961.

The moisture content of the wood chips is very important. Fresh cut wood chips are about 43-45% in Northern Europe. 35-36% moisture may go down after the hot summer in September. 48-50% moisture may go up after the winter in spring. which has been laying long time in the open storage and been exposed to rain may have moisture content going up to 60%. Cutting the wood with knives in pieces may be done already in the forest by mobile Chippers, in this situation wood chips, may be going directly from the chipper into the trucks. Also wood chips may be prepared by the mobile shoppers.

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